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 Welcome to the 6th Grade Science website! 

 Click here to download a copy of this year's syllabus.

 All Missing Work has to be turned in by Thursday!



 May 20th:  HOMEWORK: Cloudy Weather 94


 May 19th:  HOMEWORK:  Clouds worksheet pg.125D


 May 13th:  HOMEWORK:  Testing Minerals worksheet & (If you didn't get it finished in class today) the  "Boxes" vocabulary word activity


 May 2nd:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

                            UNLESS...You didn't turn in your vocab. word search today!

                            If you were ABSENT...make sure you turn it in Monday!

                            If you just didn't do it/or finish it...make sure you turn it in the Late drawer on Monday-



 May 1st:  HOMEWORK:  VOLCANO Vocabulary Word Search


 Apr. 29th:  HOMEWORK:  CORE 2 ONLY...Earthquake Crossword Puzzle

                                 (See Below)



 Apr. 28th:  HOMEWORK:  Earthquake Crossword Puzzle--ALL EXCEPT:  CORE    2--They will get theirs tomorrow.



Apr. 17th: Test on Wed., 4/23

             Drifting Continents / Sea-Floor Spreading / Plate Tectonics


Students were given the direction to copy, on notebook paper,  the 'Items to pay close attention to' for the upcoming test from the board today.

They are:  *Workbook pages 76-91 and Section Questions

                 *Vocabulary Words

                 *Sea-Floor Spreading


                 *3 Types of Boundaries

                 *Packet Material





Apr. 15th:  HOMEWORK: Sea-floor Spreading and Subduction Zones worksheet

                        Use workbook pages 80 - 91 to help you. We also have completed a diagram similar to the one on this worksheet, so that should be in your Science Binder, as well as, on pages 90 & 91 (in color) in your science workbook, to help you.


Students were given the class time today to finish the Vocabulary Word/Definition Matching Activity that they started in class yesterday.  

            Students were to turn it in finished before they left class today.

If students did not get it finished in class today...they are to take it home and finish it for homework.  

Students:  Make sure you have it finished and ready to turn in when you come into class tomorrow.

       Use your workbook sections (3) pgs.76 - 91 & your prior knowledge from last unit to help you. (You will need to apply your knowledge.  Sometimes units build on one another.  Sometimes definitions aren't written just exactly word for word as they are in your workbook.  You need to think about the definition, and apply what the meaning is, to figure out the definition on the puzzle piece. -Application)



 Apr. 14th:  HOMEWORK:  Make sure you have most of the vocabulary words and matching definitions colored when you come into class tomorrow.

        We will cut and glue tomorrow in class.  



 Apr. 9th:  HOMEWORK:  If you did not get the LAB questions finished in class need to finish for homework.     Bring them finished to class with you.


Apr. 8th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish any coloring of the Sea-Floor Spreading    diagram.

     DO NOT work ahead in the packet.


 Apr. 7th:  HOMEWORK:  Plates color page

BE VERY careful.  Watch what you are doing. Use colored pencils.

African Plate = just leave uncolored

*If you do not have colored pencils, you will need them quite a bit in the Earth Units.


 Apr.4th:  HOMEWORK: Finish worksheet 65 that you started in class.


 Apr. 3rd:  HOMEWORK: Make sure you have your school supplies !

                     If you need colored pencils, checking pen, pencil, scissors, glue stick, etc., please let your parents know.  

    You will be using colored pencils, especially, quite a bit in this unit!  


This should be a routine, as we have done this since the beginning of the school year.  Some students are not doing what they are supposed to...therefore, not prepared for class.



 April 2nd :  HOMEWORK:  Finish Questions from workbook section pgs. 76-79 (if you didn't have them completed when we went over them together in class today>)

       Worksheet  Drifting Continents

                          Completed when you come to class tomorrow



Mar. 31st:  HOMEWORK:  None

We will be having an OPEN BOOK/OPEN SCIENCE BINDER QUIZ tomorrow...This is over workbook pages 10-21 and Science Binder material. (Earth's layers & Convection and the Mantle)

Make sure you have your Science Binder (Your Flip-book should be in there,too!) and Workbook in class with you tomorrow.



 Mar. 27th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish questions from workbook pages 18-21 & Drilling Into the Earth Worksheet

Students may have completed the questions during class--Most will still need to complete the worksheet.

Both are due finished when you come into class! .  :)

         CORE 1 Did Not Get The Drilling Worksheet Today---You Will Tomorrow!   :)


 Mar. 26th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish the The Earth My Home packet if you didn't finish in class today.


Mar. 25th:  HOMEWORK:  Earth Vocabulary Word Search


Mar. 24th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish questions from workbook section pgs. 10-17


Students received a new workbook today, 'Earth's Structure'.  We will be in this workbook for several weeks doing units on Earth Science.


Mar. 20th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

     Students will have a POP! QUIZ Tomorrow, but it will be OPEN SCIENCE WORKBOOK/OPEN SCIENCE BINDER.
They were also given a 'heads-up' about it!   :)


 Mar. 19th:  HOMEWORK:  Geologic Time Scale worksheet (Enrich)


 March 17th:  HOMEWORK:  Geologic Time Scale worksheet.  Students will need to use their workbooks for this.



 Feb. 28th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

Today students read the next section for the unit in their workbooks; The Relative Age of Rock  pages 110-115.

Then, they used the Frayer Model with 8 vocabulary words.

Some students may have not finished these in class, so  they will have a little time to work on them Monday.

If we have a Snow Day on Monday...then the next day we are back in class.


Feb. 27th:  HOMEWORK:  Vocabulary Word Foldable  (If you did not finish in class today!)

We worked on this in class today-Most students finished and turned it in.  !!  



 Feb. 26th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

Students started a Vocabulary Word Foldable in class today.

This was not homework...we will continue on this in class tomorrow.



Today students did a LAB Fossil Dig using a chocolate chip cookie.   The chocolate chips were the fossils and the cookie part represented the matrix.  Students used toothpicks and paperclips as tools to dig.


 Feb. 24:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

 Today students read a non-fiction article about How the Turtle Got Its Shell- Students could read and write their own questions that they might have while reading the article.  Then, they had comprehension questions to answer about the article.


 Feb. 20th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

     Students worked with the counselor Mrs. Roffers ...Cores 2, 3, & 4 yesterday and Core 1 today..scheduling for 7th grade classes.



 Feb. 19th:  HOMEWORK: NONE

            The Counselor worked with the students today.  --Cores 2, 3, & 4--

          Core #1 will see her tomorrow


Feb. 18th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

 Feb. 14th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE


Feb. 13th:  HOMEWORK:  Fossil Worksheet pg. 49  (For Cores 1, 2, 3)

(Core 4 slipped out without getting it.....They will tomorrow!  :)  )


 February 10th:  HOMEWORK:  How Fossils Were Formed  Worksheet



Jan. 29th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test  (See Details Below)



Jan. 28th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

We will have our Test on Soil & Weathering/Erosion on Monday, February 2nd

 Pay close attention to:  Vocabulary Words,  Foldables (Chemical Agents of Weathering & Mechanical Agents of Weathering),  Workbook pgs. 38-51  "Rocks & Weathering" and "How Soil Forms" + Questions sheets, Diagrams-

You will need to know the layers of a Soil Profile, the difference between Erosion & Weathering.



 Jan.27th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE   Test on Monday, February 2nd



 Jan. 22nd:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

Students started a project in class today, A Chemical Weathering Foldable-Please check with your student to see if they have COLORED PENCIILS, as they will need them for this activity.

We started a project on Weathering in class yesterday.  Students had a few minutes to work on it in class today if they didn't finish and turn it in yesterday.

If they didn't get it finished in class and turned in today...they need to finish at home and turn in tomorrow.


 Jan.21st:  HOMEWORK:  NONE


 January 16th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish the worksheet Rocks & Weathering Pg. 2 that you started in class-

Most of you probably finished this in class, if not, you are probably just about finished.

Weathering & Erosion Vocabulary Word Search

Both should be finished when you come into class tomorrow- :)



January 10th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE
          We have started our new unit; Weathering/Erosion/& Soil

          Students started  posters showing an example of Chemical and Mechanical Weathering  last week... finishing up... and turning in today (if not turned in last week).

Today we started a foldable explaining the 5 agents of Mechanical Weathering.  This is an in-class project and will continue on Monday.

      (CORE 1 will start this on Monday.)



Dec. 16th:  The Test is still on for tomorrow 

           HOMEWORK:  Study for test tomorrow....See below for details+


Dec. 11th:  Electricity Test will be on Tuesday, Dec. 17 ----- WINGS students will take it on Wednesday.

     Pay close attention to:  Workbook pgs. 158-181 and the question worksheets that go with each section - Informational readings - Vocabulary Words - Write Something/Say Something/Draw Something diagram - Electric Circuits foldable - Make sure you know the difference between a conductor, an insulator, attract, repel, the 2 types of circuits and able to identify diagrams and drawing of them, and circuit symbols - short circuit - circuit breaker



 December 5th:  HOMEWORK:  Circuit Symbols & Diagram 

        DUE:  Tomorrow... or Monday if tomorrow is a Snow Day.:)


December 4th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish reading the information on Electricity, if you didn't finish in class today.

December 3rd:  HOMEWORK:  Finish coloring foldable we started in class & The word search (7 words)


Nov. 25th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE   __  UNLESS you haven't finished the Electricity Monster we worked on in class today. Make sure you've answered the questions at the top of the page IN detail.



Nov. 18th:  HOMEWORK:  Electricity Crossword Puzzle


 Nov. 14th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish Bar & Line Graphing  Birthday Graphs  these are due on FRIDAY.

     We will be starting our next unit tomorrow...ELECTRICITY

Nov. 10th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test tomorrow


November 6th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish the Heat Transfer questions started in class and the worksheet on Heat Transfer.

     TEST on Temperature, Thermal Energy, & Heat will be TUESDAY, NOV. 12th

Pay close attention to:  Vocabulary Words, Workbook pages 136-147, Question pages in Science Binder, and the New - to - Known worksheet

Make sure you know what Conduction - Radiation - and Convection mean and can recognize examples of each

November 4th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

     New Unit:  Heat/Heat Transfer/Temperature


 Oct. 30th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

   Tests were given back today.  We went over it together in class today, as well.  Lots of wonderful grades!!!!


Oct. 29th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish double line graph we started in class

   We have started practicing graphing in class.

Oct. 25th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test Monday--

                     (See Below)


 Oct. 24th:  HOMEWORK:  Continue studying for the test on Monday=

Oct.23rd:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test on MONDAY

Students were instructed to copy these down on paper today and put them inside their Science Binders!

     Test Items to pay close attention to:

          -Workbook pages 114-125 and Question worksheet that went with it

       - Energy Information

        -Types of Energy forms and definitions

        -Potential Energy (Gravitational & Elastic)

        -Kinetic Energy

        -Law of Conservation of Energy



 Oct. 22nd:  HOMEWORK:  NONE     Study for Test

     Always feel free to study any text and vocabulary words in your science binder.

     The workbook pages for the test are Pgs. 114-125 (Chapter #4; Lessons #2 & #3) Forms of Energy & Energy Transformations and Conservation

Oct.21st:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

     Test on Forms of Energy on Monday, Oct. 28th   (Stay tuned for study details)


 Oct.17th:  HOMEWORK:  Chapter 7 Worksheet   (For some classes also Kinds of Energy).


Oct. 15th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE



Oct. 14th:HOMEWORK:  Finish Bar Graph started in class...

     UPDATE:  Our graph paper is too short going across (my fault).  If you draw 2 extra boxes on the end...please skip one box and just make the last month one box wide.






Today each student was issued their first workbook in a total of four.  This one is titled Forces and Energy.

THis is to be brought to class daily with their Science Binders.

Students may highlight , write, etc. in this book.  However, if it gets lost,etc.  students will have to buy an new one.

Our next unit is on ENERGY!


 October 4th:  HOMEWORK:  Test MONDAY  Fossil Fuels/Alternative Sources of Energy/Energy Resources




 October 2nd:  HOMEWORK:  Aternative Sources of Energy Review &   Reinforcement Worksheet

      Energy Resources TEST  =  MONDAY, Oct. 7th

      Pay close attention to:  Any reading material, Fossil Fuels, Alternative sources of Energy (with Advantages / Disadvantages), Acid Rain/Smog, Natural Resources Web, Boldfaced Vocabulary Words, anything with a star on the material, Write Something...Say Something paper, Brochure.

       This list will be on the board in the classroom starting Thursday 10/3

        Students are welcome to copy it down on paper-

October 1st:  HOMEWORK:  NONE




Sept. 25th:  HOMEWORK:  Fast Food Bar Graphing Worksheet

 Sept. 24th:  HOMEWORK:  Newspaper Gar Graphing Questions

Sept. 23rd:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

 Sept. 18th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

                                 Our new unit is on Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels

Sept. 17th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

 Sept. 16th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

Sept.11th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test

Sept. 10th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for Test

Sept. 9th:  HOMEWORK:  Reading About Change Worksheet

                 STUDY for Test on Friday!!!!!

 UPDATE!!!    Science Test is changed from Thursday this week to FRIDAY THIS WEEK!

     Make sure your student is bringing home their Science Binder to is their STUDY GUIDE.

       When studying, Pay CLOSE attention to:

           Reading Material (especially bold-faced words)-Foldable-answered questions-Parts of an atom and the 4 energy levels-3 States of Matter and how the molecules behave-The Law of Conservation of Matter (Mass)-what a reactant and product is-freezing point/melting point in both degrees C and F-Physical & Chemical Properties & Changes-Mixtures


Sept. 6th:  HOMEWORK:  Study for your Test next Thursday:)

 Grade checks went home today.  Please sign & return to the student's Reading teacher.  Also, these grade checks were posted on Wednesday.  There is a chance that you child may have turned in ABSENT or LATE work since Wednesday and their grade has changed from what was printed on the grade check.  Please check eschool for a grade as of TODAY.


Sept. 5th:  HOMEWORK:  Physical/Chemical Changes Multiple-Choice worksheet 


 Sept. 4th:  HOMEWORK: NONE

   Matter Test will be on Thursday, September 12th

Stay tuned for details on what to pay particular attention to when studying for the test!

    Students' SCIENCE BINDERS are their STUDY GUIDES for the test.


 September 3rd:  HOMEWORK:  Chemical/Physical Changes worksheet

Aug. 28th:  HOMEWORK:  Finish Chemical Reactions Questions

     (These were started in class today.  If you didn't get need to finish them for homework-)

 Aug. 27th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

 Aug. 26th:  HOMEWORK:  Matter Worksheet

Aug. 23rd:  HOMEWORK:  NONE

     Please check with your student and ask them if they have their needed supplies.  We have started using colored pencils/Twistables in Science, and not all students have them...same with a 3ring binder for their Science Binder.  If there is a financial issue, please let me know and we will take care of it.

     Also, please remind your student that we have started counting "tardies" to class, as well as, checking to see if they are bringing all needed supplies to class with them when they come in.  (We all post this outside our rooms.)There are consequences for these behaviors.  This is very important that we start this early, so the student gets in the routine quickly.  We have discussed in class that there is more "freedom" in middle school (which they think is great, by the way), but along with more freedom comes more responsibility.

     Hope all have a great weekend!



Aug. 21st.:  HOMEWORK:  Atoms worksheet (Front and Back)


Aug. 20th:  HOMEWORK:  Atoms Word Search


August 19th:  HOMEWORK:  NONE


August 15th: HOMEWORK:  Please get Science Safety Contract signed and return tomorrow. 

    Also:  Please make sure to have a school planner and a 3-Ringed Binder for Science.



On this site, students/parents will be able to see any assignments given.  This should correspond closely with what your student has written daily in his/her student planner.  Homework is displayed on the board in the classroom, and students should be writing in their planners daily.  If no homework is assigned, students should write the word "none" in their planner, instead of just leaving the subject area blank.

Students have 4 consumable Science workbooks.  Each workbook will be handed out as we get to that subject area in our studies.

Students are also required to have a 3-ringed binder exclusively for Science. This should be brought to class each day.  Science workbooks will be kept inside these binders, as well.

6th grade Science consists of lots of Earth Science; including Weather, Rocks & Minerals, Volcanoes, Earthquakes...Plus, Electricity, and Forces & Motion, just to name a few!

Twistables or colored pencils are a must!  We use these quite often in our graphing, foldables, etc.

Students will be aware of Tests on a Unit approximately 4 days to a week (or longer) ahead of time.  I will also post on this website areas of the Unit to pay particular attention to when studying!

All Springfield Public School Science students must have on file a Science Safety Contract.  These will be coming home this week! They will need to be signed and dated by the parent and student, and returned to me ASAP.  The Safety Contract must be returned before the student may participate in any Lab activities.

I'm looking forward to having your student in class! Here's to a great year!!!

Mrs. Estes




















































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